The patient in focus. We take the necessary time for your needs in order to offering you your individual fitted treatment concept according to your personal achievable goals!

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Zahnarztpraxis Daniel Debuch
Adenauerallee 150 in 52066 Aachen,
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Dr. Lena Lehmann
Frankenberger Str. 30 in 52066 Aachen
telefonisch erreichbar unter der 0241 56004684

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01805 / 98 67 00

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Dental Office

The aim of our work is to keep your teeth healthy and to improve your overall well-being. We put great emphasis on our professional employees, modern techniques and gentle treatment methods.

Together we will plan your goals in dental health including prevention, treatment and aftercare.

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The goal for our work is to achieve and keep a healthy oral situation in order not to make any treatments. We know this is not always possible and we offer you restorative dental treatments. If teeth are already missing, the next step would be planning fixed or removable dentures.

Your teeth are all in good shape? Thats perfect and if there is anything to improve from your point of view, like the colour or tooth positions, feel free to contact us!

For a detailed description of our services have a look at our brochure.

How to contact us!

Our dental office is near the heart of Aachen. Within 100m you can find two underground garages, providing a good parking situation. The “Couven-Parkhaus” lies near the main bus station “Bushof” where as the “Eurogress Parkhaus” is easier to reach from the speedway or the urban ring roads.

For your visit by public transportation the bus stop “Bushof” would be ideal or if you use the ring bus route 3 and 13 then it would be the bus stop “Eurogress”.

Zahnarztpraxis Du
Mariahilfstraße 1-3
52062 Aachen

Tel.: 0241 / 26973
Fax.: 0241 / 400 99 19
E-Mail: info@zahnarztpraxis-du.de